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olympus business address book softwareOlympus Software is an independent producer of high quality software that runs under Microsoft Windows. Our products are developed by professional computer engineers and achieve optimal performance with minimal consumption of computer resources. We, ourselves are users of our software. This is why our software operates the way a user would like it to work.


Our values, your benefits

We design software to be:

  • Easily installed and uninstalled
  • Easy to use from the start without a need for help guides
  • Absolutely free of any 3rd party parasitic software (e.g. ad-ware)

Our direct distribution via the internet enables our customers to:

  • Save time by easily finding the software they need and getting it with a few mouse clicks
  • Test-drive our software for free before buying
  • Pay only for the software and not for unwanted packaging, shipping and warehouse / logistics costs
  • Purchase quality software at the lowest price without paying for expensive displays or reseller fees
  • Care for the environment since it is much more eco-friendly to download software than manufacturing CDs and software boxes, emit CO2 from the transportation fuel, and consume energy during all these phases

Small Business Software
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Please contact us via our Google mail account, which is monitored by all our support team staff to allow fast response times.
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