Stats you should know about Online Reputation…

  1. 50% of executives believe that online reputation management should be addressed, but only 15 actually do anything about it.
  2. 84% of marketers believe that building trust will be the primary focus for marketing efforts in the future.
  3. More and more large companies are hiring full time online reputation managers.
  4. Four of five people state that they have received advice via social media regarding what products or services to purchase.
  5. 31% of employed Internet users have searched online for information about coworkers, professionals, colleagues, or business competitors.
  6. 12% of employees and adults say that they need to market themselves online as part of their job.
  7. 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations, making online reviews an important part of any marketing strategy.
  8. According to a study by the World Economic Forum, more than 25% of a company’s market value is directly attributed to its reputation.
  9. 87% of executives rate managing reputation risk as more important than other strategic risks.
  10. 41% of companies that experience negative reputation events reported a loss of brand value and revenue.

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